If your child starts losing teeth at an early age, it can shift their tooth alignment from where it is supposed to be. At Oro Valley Pediatric Dentistry, we offer space maintainers to prevent this from happening. Give us a call at 520-297-5900 to learn more about space maintainers in Tucson, Arizona, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nathan Sprenger or Dr. Andrew Stucki.

Primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, have more purpose than only allowing children to chew. The primary teeth act as guides to help the permanent teeth come through in the correct place. Losing baby teeth too early allows the neighboring teeth to shift and tilt into an area that should be reserved for a permanent tooth that has not yet erupted. Reasons a baby tooth may be lost too early are:

  • Severe decay and infection
  • Trauma or accidents
  • Diseases
  • Missing teeth at birth

If your child does lose a tooth too early, our dentists will provide space maintainers to ensure that the proper space is held for the permanent tooth to come in. there are many different type of space maintainers. We will make sure your child receives the one that will best benefit them. If you want more information about space maintainers, we invite you to contact us today.